Stuart Sage Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Both psychotherapy and counselling are aimed at helping you to resolve issues that you may be having and although they are very different methods of help the two practices can overlap. 
Counselling can be provided on a short or longer term basis and is aimed at all forms of emotional issues such as depression, loss, redundancy, relationship issues or trauma and can help you with gaining an understanding how these issues are affecting you. We will work towards you coming to a greater awareness of how you can have a more positive life. 
Psychotherapy on the other hand address the deeper level of the unconscious as well as the conscious mind. Both Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions are carried out in a safe comfortable environment were you can talk. I will listen in a totally non judgemental manner helping you work towards finding understanding and solutions to your issues. Your issues are unique to you as we are all individuals, our stories and how we experience life is different for each of us. This means that our understanding and solutions are special to you. 
It is possible that the depression or relationship issues that you are experiencing now have their roots in the past and in something that appears totally unrelated. I often find that my patients can't actually put their finger on what's actually wrong but not being able to fully understand doesn't mean that the pain felt isn't very real. 
If you would like to have a chat about what it is that's bothering you please give me a call on 01234 304769 or if you prefer, email me at and I will contact you. 
Please call or email to get in touch:  
01234 304769