Stuart Sage Group Psychotherapy 

In some circumstances it may be beneficial to consider group psychotherapy. 
In group psychotherapy, patients discuss things in a group environment with the psychotherapist facilitating the session. Group psychotherapy is particularly good for focusing on relationship type issues. You can work towards an understanding of both social and interpersonal behaviours.
Typically group psychotherapy involves.... 
The commitment to a specific number of group sessions 
The sharing within the group of personal and emotional problems (it will take time to build up confidence to open up in the group). The groups are never larger than 8 members. Support from the group
The opportunity for group feedback on issues raised 
The opportunity for group feedback on issues raised:
With the ultimate aim to understand and change behaviours which are causing the underlying issues. You can work towards solving emotional difficulties through honest feedback.
Group psychotherapy is carried out in a highly supportive environment. 
Group psychotherapy is typically useful for patients with... 
Relationship difficulties. 
Social difficulties
Lack of confidence
As well as other difficulties
If you would like to discuss group psychotherapy with me, to see if this is the right route for you then please call on 01234 304769 or, should you prefer, please email me at and I will contact you. 
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