Addiction Issues 

Regardless of your addiction issues I will work with you in a non judgmental way to help you to move forward with your life, healthier, happier and free from your addictions.

Addictions can simply be a temporary escape that some people take when facing problems. The issues arise when the repetitive nature of addictions take over and you find it impossible to give them up even if there are consequences such as...
You continue gambling even though it's causing you financial problems 
You continue drinking even if it's causing you relationship issues 
You continue over eating even though it's causing you health issues 
Often addictions develop as a mask that hide the real issues in our life. We can work together on these issues to get a better understanding of what part the addiction is playing and develop healthier copping strategies. This will help you relinquish your addictions and turn your life around.
Ask yourself is my addiction causing relationship, financial or physical problems? Do you find you are loosing days at work, collage, or missing out on doing other things such as spending time with family or friends? Then perhaps you do need help at this time to break the cycle and change those habits. I will work with you to help you identify and understand the underlying problems and find the changes needed for a more fulfilling life.